solution by M. Rod
superior cars!!! can not wait to search out out!!!

answer with the aid of italy_coolfun
the three series will all the time be there. They made the 1 sequence as an entry stage. they’ll be on hand in Europe first earlier than the US.

solution with the aid of Christopher
The 1 collection is far smaller than the three collection. It does use the same engines, but the 1 is significantly less high priced and is the scale of the e30 3series. The tradeoff is that it performs much better (smaller size=less weight)in each acceleration and managing.

The 1 sequence will fulfill individuals who assume the three series coupe has gotten too big, heavy, costly and pricey for a high performing sports activities coupe. the 3 series will nonetheless stay the place it is, just the fans who desire a smaller extra nimble, better performing car will take the 1 sequence.

These coupes should be good enough in the case of gas, nothing too hybrid, but no longer a gasoline guzzler, but also pretty quick and sporty. help me?

solution with the aid of Drew Monda
get a corvette, my C5 vette will get 26mpg highway and like 20 metropolis, and the new ones get like 30MPG highway!

resolution by way of justintimberlakefan
I would have to say:
1 BMW three series coupe
2 Audi TT Coupe
three Mercedes CLK 350
4 Infiniti G37
5 Nissan 350Z
6 Mini Cooper S
7 Porsche Cayman
8 BMW Z4 Coupe
9 Audi A5
10 Lotus Elise

answer by using Ford Man
A Ford GT. somewhat out of mine and most people’s value range although.

Im both buying the 1 series M or the M3, out of those two what one would decide up speed faster and with higher acceleration (Please explain why)

Thanks guys

answer with the aid of Matthew
The m3 is a quicker and extra highly effective automotive when you took the speed limiter off you’re going to get your m3 over 200mph!!!

answer by means of Dafne Sulbaran
the M3 is the fastest!!!! but if u truly want a quick automobile… what concerning the other Ms? ;D hahah,.

resolution by using Go Airforce
The M3 is extra of a race ready vehicle from the factory compared to the one sequence. also one of the best M3s to transform racers are frequently E36 fashions. another reason behind the M3 being a good selection is its overall weight and the elements to be had for it (E30,E36,E46).